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performance with engagement of the public

If we have to create a new world, so we need a new idea and approach to what would be romantic now.

Romantic is not rational....oh no,
it should be..
How romantic can be rational?

Please wait... idealized view of reality!
Response..answer, reaction to something.
Crisis..a time of intense difficulty or danger; a time when a difficult or important decision must be made; the turning point of a disease when an important change takes place, indicating either recovery or death.

How I get over a..crisis. Do we accept our relationship with it. Are we in a..culture meltdown?!

song lyrics:

blood is just a color

black has more light

everything the same

put words in order

to create new world

change the narrative make sense

in a path of time

you are a body and mind

shaped by others in place

and style

controlled a worrier of love

in charged to brake and bring

a human with blind soul

flesh with no bone

in chance with a dream

in love with a cloud of words

hunting money to spend

chasing to meet brains

instead live life

making orders so

no one makes orders on you

the king without a kingdom

the queen without a king

a tree without a fruit

a life of excitement

a joy of consumption


gives you freedom

love gives you energy for war

out of politeness I let you kill me

mythology is all i have to assume

to know where your love disappear

invisible tail goes behind

wounds that i did not even done

believes i can not fix

i only want to move so soft and slow and smooth and go.

Romantic response Crisis: Project
Romantic response Crisis: Pro Gallery
Romantic response Crisis: Pro Gallery
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