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10 meter piece of paper is being drawn in 7 times cut into 4 pictures.

Exhibition of large scale drawings made with two hands and others.

concept exerpt

Each movement is in harmony with the nature and the nature itself; Each line dissolves the beauty of the movement; In the scale we observe is the difference we see.

Asymmetrical drawings using both hands. Number of movements dipped into four pieces accompanied by their emerged elements.

There is no freedom, there is a beginning of a new freedom. There are no restrictions, we put the frame. Everything is precious, everything is important.

It is beyond our understanding of nature and people as part of it. The next step in the shadow of the past.

Number of moments and number of motions presented in their gap because there is more beauty in randomness than we can create intentional. Because we are never right dealing with nature trying to master it.

In handling the material and it's utilization of natural qualities arises a process that is a combination of drawing and performance. In channeling the meanings of symbols follow the movement of the image.

Balance and equilibrium in mastering emotion, mind and body give rise to the joy of a new opportunity.

Performance/ Live drawing/ European Museum's Night

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